2022 WYA Emerging Leaders Conference Roundup


World Youth Alliance Africa

Held on November 17th and 18th, WYA Africa’s (WYAA) 2022 ELC hosted 100 participants from all over the region. The theme for the two-day conference was “A Holistic Approach to Sexual Education,” Reproductive health and comprehensive sex education have been at the center of policy formulation in the continent. Some of the most significant documents containing “reproductive health” policy are the EU ACP treaty, the Reproductive Health bill passed in Kenya, and the SRHR bill at the East Africa Legislative Assembly. WYAA had expert speakers such as Dr. Wahome Ngare, a member of the WYAA Advisory Board, Mr. Nyingi Wahome, and Ms. Joy Maina, WYAA Regional Director of Operations, shines a light on this topic while focusing on the Human Dignity Curriculum and the WYA White Paper on comprehensive reproductive healthcare.


World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific

Virtually held last December 21-22 and attended by 41 delegates, the 11th WYA Asia Pacific (WYAAP) ELC underpinned the importance of ensuring that educational systems and institutions respect and uphold human dignity. Drawing from WYA’s Declaration on Human Dignity and Sexual Education, the region’s theme, “Generation E(xcellence): Youth in Action for Person-Centered Education,” showcased an excellent lineup of speakers who, in their respective industries, champion a person-centered approach to education. During the first day, the speakers talked about how their works contribute to advocating for person-centered education and how the youth can be involved. Mr. Jisang Lee of the Blue Tree Foundation discussed the role of technology and cyber safety, while Ms. Iva Asutilla of De La Salle University and Atty. Alma Aparece of Friends Peace Teams talked about the roles of spirituality and peacebuilding, respectively. The second and last day highlighted how youth and educators can be empowered to become excellent advocates of person-centered education through Mr. Rogin Eribal and Ms. Zarina San Jose. Both are educators in their own capacities from the Universities of Ateneo de Zamboanga and Glasgow Caledonian, respectively. All resource persons had the opportunity to engage with the delegates during the two-day conference.

World Youth Alliance Europe

The World Youth Alliance Europe, in cooperation with World Youth Alliance Slovenia, has successfully concluded the 11th edition of the Emerging Leaders Conference entitled “Youth Mental Health: Building Resilience Through Education.” The event took place from November 15 to 17, in Brussels, Belgium. 40 participants from 10 European countries joined to discuss solutions and recommendations to put into practice at the EU and national levels in the context of youth mental health prevention and education. They attended conferences, brainstorming activities, Q&A sessions, interactive group works, debates, a simulation of the European Parliament, a plenary session, and meetings with MEPs to share recommendations and good practices. The final purpose of the event was to present WYA’s solution to current mental health issues among young people – the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC). The HDC can equip children and young people with the knowledge of what a human being is and its value and help them develop healthy habits, good decision-making skills, and a strong sense of meaning and purpose.


World Youth Alliance Latin America

The WYALA’s ELC held on December 10 had the participation of 18 delegates from 8 Latin American countries. The attendees had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of comprehensive sex education from different perspectives addressed by our speakers, from the international political debates related to the subject, the implications in medicine and bioethics from anthropological and philosophical points of view. During the event, sexuality was highlighted at all times within the framework of human dignity both on a personal and international level, through the expertise of our speakers: María Elizabeth de los Ríos (Coordinator of the Institute of Humanism in Health Sciences at Univ. Anahuac), Hector Yépez (Former Assemblyman for the province of Guayas, Ecuador), Gloria Huarcaya (Director of the Masters in Marriage and Family of the University of Piura), Luis Martínez (Director of Human Life International for the OAS mission), Joaquín Sánchez (Gynecologist and expert in family planning), María Graciela Crespo (Founder of Hemisferios University), and Claudia Toribio (FEMM teacher).


World Youth Alliance Middle East and North Africa

WYA Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) 2022 Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) gathered 39 participants online to learn about Human Dignity Education in MENA. The conference welcomed Dr. Amani G. Jarrar, Associate Professor at Philadelphia University, who spoke on “Human Dignity & Education for Coexistence.” The Director of Adyan Foundation, Dr. Nayla Tabbara, joined as a speaker and talked about “valuing the self and the other: human dignity in education.” And WYA Director of Advocacy Sofia Piecuch delivered a talk titled “An Analysis of CSE and Why it Misses the Mark.” At the end of the conference, Dima Itani, a certified member, shared about FEMM and her experience in WYA International Solidarity Forum. During the conference, MENA participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives and knowledge through the interactive breakout rooms. 

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