You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you” This quote keeps running in my head before i lie down to sleep. I believe poetry is an evidence of normal life put in writing.People experience life in a different way. I value every view from everybody around the globe. I love sharing mine as well but its not possible to take a microphone, stand by the road side and keep shouting. That’s why i decided to put it in writing and not just writing but doing it with passion. Am ironical, satirical and sarcastic in my writing. Life inspires my writing and choice of theme. I base on corruption, positive living and showing love to others. I do my poetry in any public gathering as long as its an educational forum. Thats the only way to gently deliver the point to the world. A writer once said a poem is never finished, its only abandoned, well i dare you to finish the abandoned ones.

Sylvia Robina Barasa

I’m a performing artist and soon I’m planning to start recording my songs. I’m also a song writer and l plan to pursue a course in music writing and arrangement. I play the guitar and the piano though my favorite instrument is the saxophone that I’m planning to go to school to learn. I’m passionate about music and I use this to educate different kinds of people on a particular message that I would like to pass. Mostly, I like working with the young as I get to learn more about the young people that I don’t know. Most of my themes in my music is about Christianity, love, unity and peace. I perform in public places like events such as weddings, corporate functions, concerts and I also visit organizations such as schools and charity homes. I believe in myself an that all my dreams will be fulfilled one day since I know Rome was not build in a day and so is our success.
God bless you!

Boniface Mutinda

HABAKKUK ODUKO ARE MY REAL NAMES.SO HABASCUPER WAS COINED FROM HABAKKUK WHICH CAN BE INTERPRATED AS The soul winner.I choose the name since I wanted to be Christ like in my doings.

My music’s are youthful,powerful and educative.being a gospel artist, I minister to all ages through my music.

The theme in my music is God’s love.I choose the theme since every verse of my music speaks on how God
loves his people.



We are a team of 4members Martin Mutiso,Samson Orengo,Samwel Kariuki and Benson Gitonga. We are from A.I.C Ziwani Nairobi and thats where we discovered our pottential then came together to realize it. We have a broad range of art perfomance, plays,skits,narratives,poems,dance, songs to mention but a few. Our name is Fraternity n we look foward 2change th world not with swords,neither rallies but with impact from where we are with what we have.

Foyo Juma
World Youth Alliance Africa

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