A Proper Understanding Of The Role Of Women


10332_276820600108_5616710_nAll women play a very specific role in society, not just as a part of it, but they also constitute the basis of family and a very important part of the productive life in a country.

The right to be an active part of society has not always been accepted, but through a long effort to accomplish this right, the role of women in the life of society has been recognized. Nowadays, because of different and sometimes radical thoughts, the idea of the conquest of women´s rights has detracted from the main objective of dignity.

We can start by remembering the old days, where the role of women was less important. They were only allowed to stay inside of a family or community, and were only under the protection of men. Nevertheless, beyond their sensitivity, women always inspire respect because of their nature and their privilege of being able to give life to another human being. However, they do not always have all their rights recognized as other citizens. Some examples of this were the prohibition for women to study, vote, join the Government, participate in politics, public speaking, and even go out to certain places; they were subjects whose responsibilities were limited to home care. In reaction to these prohibitions worldwide, the progress we have had has been extremely important, because through many political movements, associations and even wars, society has been recognizing different types of women’s rights, to grant, guarantee and protect freedom as we enjoy it today. Despite the long, drawn out process that has been required, it has been achieved.

It is important to mention that there are still many countries with restrictions for women, but every passing day these countries encounter greater progress towards empowering women, and although the problem of the modern woman is not the recognition of freedom or the autonomy that she has within a society, it is that the role of women within it that has been misunderstood. As mentioned before, within this group struggle, many ideas have been radicalized, an example of which is the “new term of equality[i]” with which it is understood that not only women are equal to men by nature but must also play the same roles. This errs from the truth because, although we are equal in nature, with the same capacities, it does not mean that women can take the part of  men. This is because we play very different roles in society and in the family. When we pretend that this is not so, we are taking another role that does not correspond to us.

Thus we must understand equality correlated with equity[ii] and justice, in the sense that men and women form a complement for the world and each one has different things to offer to society. If we understand and act upon this significant distinction, the world can be balanced, and with this we can guarantee dignity and mutual respect for each man and woman.

By Alicia Romero, Intern at WYA Latin America. 

[i] Equality: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability. Definition from: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/equality?s=t

[ii] Equity: the quality of being fair or impartial. Definition from: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/equity



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