“Art Speaks” Coffee House


Mark your calendars! The second “Art Speaks” Coffee House will be held on December 9th at 7pm to celebrate the UN’s International Year of Youth (IYY) by reflecting the IYY theme of “Mutual Understanding and Dialogue.” “Art Speaks”, a three part series, was initiated at the World Youth Alliance this past August and will continue throughout 2011. The series was developed to provide young people with the opportunity to dialogue with one another through art, conversation, and a shared human experience around the common desire for meaning, truth, and beauty.

Musicians, poets, writers, film-makers, photographers, and dancers are encouraged to present their work and to share how it conveys the value of the human person.

If you are interested in performing or submitting a piece of art, please contact Sabine Dagher by November 30 at wyana.sabine@gmail.com.

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