WYA’s International Summer Camp was Life-changing!

The moment I received an email asking me to write about WYA International Summer Camp, I knew immediately that I would write about how much fun we had, how incredible it was to meet so many people from all over the world, and how amazing the camp was overall. However, I also knew that I […]

AP Emerging Leaders Conference – a volunteer’s experience

Being a volunteer in the Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is definitely the highlight of my internship in World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific. During the conference, I was able to network with young people from all parts of Asia and the Philippines. We had delegations from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia to name a few. Furthermore, the […]

Lessons From My Internship

My experience working at World Youth Alliance this summer has taught me many things, has expanded my organizational skills, and has fortified my view on the human person. In the past few weeks, I’ve been given the opportunity to help organize an International Summer camp, coordinate and host a Film Night as well as a […]

5 Crucial Lessons from CPD 47

Landing in New York on a crisp spring Sunday morning to attend the 47th Session of the Commission on Population and Development, I was yet to fully comprehend the scale of the challenge I faced the upcoming week. Knowing the many anecdotes of people who stood in the same shoes, it’s almost typical: a visionary […]

A Glimpse at the UN Commission on Population and Development from an Intern

On April 7-11, World Youth Alliance Europe participated in the 47th session of the Commission on Population and Development at the United Nations in New York. The theme of the commission was the “Assessment of the Status of Implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development,” which was adopted […]

Priorities of Development Are Not Well Served When Ideology Gets in the Way: CPD 2014

Commission on Population and Development, April 7-11, New York (Spanish version follows) I thought we should have gotten it by now. Less than 2 weeks ago I attended the 47th session of the Commission on Population and Development at the United Nations as part of WYA’s advocacy team. The session was supposed to evaluate progress member […]

Summer Love: Reflections of a WYA Summer Camp Graduate

Only two weeks left until the annual WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp. As this year’s camp draws nearer, campers from previous years share with us their best memories. We hope it makes this year’s campers excited, and for the rest of the audience, we hope you will consider joining our camp next year! Lord Pomperada, Asia […]

Revelations of an American Intern at WYA

  Oscillating back and forth like a summer fan on full blast, my head finally halted to behold where I would dedicate the following months as an intern for the World Youth Alliance. Snugged in between buildings, like countless others in the metallic forest of Manhattan, the sight of the ivory-toned edifice with its ample-sized […]

CPD 47: Following up on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action

WYA is currently attending the 47th Session of the UN Commission on Population Development (CPD), entitled “ICPD Beyond 2014 Review” from April 7-11at the UN Headquarters in New York. This Review aims to identify the progress made and the challenges faced by the 179 governments that committed to the 20-year Programme of Action (PoA) plan […]

Experience at CSW58

As a winner of the World Youth Alliance’s Youth Voices at the UN Program, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the WYA delegation to the 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, which was held in March 2014. This year’s theme sought to tackle the challenges and achievements […]