Solidarity by Heart: The Child Ryan Oram and the World’s Rush

Who has not heard of the Moroccan child Ryan Oram, who fell into the well? Who did not grieve for him and feel the pain of losing him with his family? This was the state of the world about two weeks ago. We were all worried about the Moroccan child Ryan fell into the well, […]

Let’s be the voice of our voiceless Afghan sisters

After taking some of the main provinces of Afghanistan, on August 15, 2021, the Taliban stormed Kabul, the capital city. Afghan politicians including the president, Ashraf Ghani, fled the country some days before the Taliban’s arrival at Kabul. The military fell and the soldiers, police, and armies gave up. The whole country has been going […]

My Certified Training Program Journey

The world would look different today if people could see the similarities among themselves more than their differences. We, as human persons, would gift so much happy moments to each other everywhere and at any time. Through the Certified Training Program. I came to find the most unique similarities, common among the whole human persons, […]

My Journey in Answering: “Who am I?”

I’ve always been the type of girl who reflects a lot on life and overthinks. Since I was 6 years old, I’ve always wondered about what would I want to become in the future. I told myself that I want to become a teacher because I was so influenced by my professors back then, later […]

I am a Dignity Defender!

“Never underestimate the power of young people to make a difference… There are many young people who, like you, are passionate about making a difference. Together, we can do more” This is what the 5th World Youth Alliance president, Lord Leomer Pomperada, said in an interview when I asked him about what he wanted to […]

Embracing Hope in the Darkest Times

Covid-19 had hit differently in Palestine and especially the Gaza strip. After covid-19, everything started to fall apart. Education was very hard to manage with a slow internet connection, and only 6 hours of electricity a day. The lockdown came on top of 11 years of siege, a collapsed economy, and political conflicts. The light […]

Why Should YOU become a WYAMENA Intern

 The Certified Training Program I took with World Youth Alliance between March and May 2020 encouraged me to aspire for more and to apply for the WYAMENA Regional Internship Program which was the best opportunity for me to implement the values I learned, to improve my skills, and know more about WYA ‘s work and […]

How WYA’s CTP was My Solace During Lockdown

Life is a series of experiences that make us learn and grow. Some can be hard but still educating and other experiences can be just life-changing in a very enlightening and positive way. My Certified Training Program experience with World Youth Alliance definitely belongs to the second category.  I started the training during the Covid […]

Why Should Youth Enroll to WYA’s Certified Training Program?

“The journey of a life lived in freedom is a journey of growth in virtue – growth in the ability to choose wisely and well the things that truly make for our happiness and for the common good.” This is a quote from my favourite text entitled  “Two Ideas of Freedom”, by George Weigel in […]

Meaning in Suffering!

Viktor Frankl was born in 1905 in Vienna into a poor family. During his high school years, he was first introduced to psychoanalysis and then became one of the youngest socialist workers. He graduated from the University of Vienna where he studied psychiatry and neurology. After that, he published several articles such as “On the […]