Beyond the March: The Essence of Our Choices

Margaux Inocando, A WYA intern, at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.
Margaux Inocando, A WYA intern, at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Warm sunshine and mild weather welcomed the hundreds of thousands of people at the National Mall this January 21st for the annual March for Life. Their hopeful presence and positive message contrasted the lackluster House, which had just failed to gather enough votes to pass a bill banning most late-term abortions. For those who recognize abortion as the killing of innocent life, our politicians’ hesitation on this issue is more than disturbing. What is this world that leaves such confusion about how to treat innocent life?

An essential ingredient for this confusion is our world’s idolization of fame, money, and power. Fame is prized, whatever the cause; money is coveted, whatever its origin; power is admired, whatever its foundation. Such veneration of the superficial results in a ruthless hierarchy of values that devalues what is not sufficiently “efficient,” or is powerless, weak, or poor. This broken equilibrium desensitizes us to the essence of things, such as unborn children; we become blind to their innate dignity, and leaves room for our politicians to ponder and calculate the best way to vote on an issue such as the “late-term” killing of the unborn.

In other words, the basics are forgotten and politicians are empowered, expected, and respected to define who and what deserves recognition and dignity. Specifically for the issue of abortion, we see concerns like population growth, poverty, illegal abortions, the fate of the mother, and the fate of the child as the basis for determining the treatment of the unborn. WYA challenges the assumption that the unborn is the problem. Instead, the WYA approach proposes that these unborn human living things have some sort of essence, a certain dignity that cannot be trumped by politician’s particular concerns.

Even if not much sympathy can be elicited for tiny human beings, WYA also supports the cause through its defense of women. Today’s world of superficial values has made certain feminine characteristics seem as weaknesses. WYA responds with true feminism, which does not fight for the masculinization of women in the convoluted attempt to gain “equality” to men. Instead, women are empowered to respect their femininity, in other words to recognize their dignity.

In turn, helping women to understand the dignity of their femininity is the starting point of growing men’s respect of women. Only by embracing people’s essences and dignity, can we benefit people’s wellbeing, and ultimately quash current hot-button justifications for abortion, such as poverty, unwanted pregnancy, etc. The WYA approach helps establish common ground and does not leave room for the sort of confusion that stumped the politicians facing a vote on late-term abortions.


Written by Magda Laszlo, a WYA North America intern from New York.

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