Call for Applications: 2012 Internationals Solidarity Forum


Join our delegation to ISF 2012 in New York!

Held in New York City, the annual International Solidarity Forum (ISF) brings together WYAs most active members from around the world to discuss global issues, learn about international policy, and participate in advocacy and language negotiations at the United Nations.

The ISF will be from April 16-19, 2012 in New York City. This year’s theme will examine the centrality of the human person in achieving human development, particularly in relation to the idea of sustainable development, which is also the UNs overarching concept for development and human rights; it includes social, economic and environmental areas of focus. ISF participants must have completed WYA’s Track A training program and must be certified by their regional director. All eligible members of the WYAAP are encouraged to apply. You may visit the WYA website ( for the application form and additional details.

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