The Troubling Connection Between Foreign Aid and Harmful Healthcare Policies in Kenya

February 28, 2024 Foreign aid typically entails the transfer of capital, goods, or services from a country or international organization for the benefit of the recipient country. In targeted disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, it often succeeds. But foreign aid in itself is fraught with problems.  Most troublingly, foreign aid can be used as a […]

25 Good Tidings of Great Joy!

To all our members, alumni, and friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In anticipation of WYA’s upcoming 25th Anniversary, we present 25 Good Tidings of Great Joy! 01 A study on HDC is conducted by the University of Florida and St. Mary’s University, in a public school in Kansas and a private school in Canada; publications forthcoming […]

WYA Europe hosted the Emerging Leaders Conference 2023 with a strong delegation

November 4, 2023 – World Youth Alliance Europe hosted the Emerging Leaders Conference 2023 (ELC) with a strong delegation. In collaboration with the Southeast Europe office, the event was carried out in Zagreb, Croatia, under the theme European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid. For the first session, a panel discussion was conducted by Aleksandra Markić Boban, […]

You’re Never Too Young to Lead Now Available Online Worldwide

We’re thrilled to announce – WYA Executive Director Lord Leomer Pomperada’s book You’re Never Too Young To Lead‘ is now available for worldwide shipping.  Learn how he became the youngest ever President-elect of WYA at age 23. You’re Never Too Young To Lead is a collection of personal anecdotes containing Pomperada’s thoughts on how to grow into […]

Meet our WYA Interns: Juliana

It was Instagram that led Juliana Antonelli, from Brazil, to the World Youth Alliance. As a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás with a degree in law, Juliana felt WYA’s values aligned with her own. “I live in the interior of Brazil, and I have seen the impact of lack of education for […]

Meet our WYA Interns: Anthony

In 2017, at Upper Hill School in Nairobi, Kenya, Anthony Arandi, driven by his desire to create a positive impact in the world, joined the WYA club. As he continued his involvement, his passion and dedication to WYA’s cause stood out, earning him the role of club leader during his senior year. Anthony fervently engaged […]

Meet our WYA Interns: Radwan

If you haven’t met Mohamad Radwan Al Omar, you probably will. Affable and enthusiastic, funny, very talkative, and unbelievably gracious; fittingly in charge of membership and outreach for the WYA Lebanon National Committee. He is known for his prolific WhatsApp posts in group chats and quotable quotes like, “the only problem is a lack of […]

WYA Africa Welcomes the Adoption of the Kenya National Family Policy

The World Youth Alliance welcomes the adoption of the Kenya National Family Policy. Our WYA Africa team played a pivotal role, in collaboration with the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) consortium, to include language in the areas of Parenting, Family Safety and Security, Media and Technology, and The Environment. Among noteworthy contributions, the organization takes […]

Meet our WYA Interns: Natalia López-Fando

Natalia’s connection with the World Youth Alliance (WYA) began when she was around 17. Drawn to the organization’s values and mission, she became a member, and then two or three years later, she applied for the Certified Training Program (CTP). Eager to play a more active role within WYA, Natalia applied for the WYA Europe […]