A WYA Erasmus Project: An Inspiration for Further Action

What is WYA Erasmus project all about and why should you join? We arrived in Munich on a cold winter morning with high expectations. Youth participants from seven EU countries were taking part in the Erasmus Plus funded project ‘Coordination of the Youth Workers of Tomorrow’.  I was excited by the prospect of learning new […]

Coordination for Youth Workers Project

I found the WYA Coordination for Youth Workers training to be extremely interesting and I learnt a large amount. I became aware that it is vitally necessary to promote human dignity and solidarity. In turn individuals must stand up for people who are unable to have their voices heard, in order to empower them and […]

What I gained from a WYA Erasmus project

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] The World Youth Alliance gathered 21 young workers from six EU countries in Munich to participate in an Erasmus Plus funded project, “Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow 2019”. The participants were trained in public communication, media literacy and advocacy. The four days in Munich were spent discussing several issues concerning […]

Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow 2019

Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow (CYWT) 2019 was a four-day intensive training, taking place from the 1st to the 6th of December, which gathered 21 young professionals from 7 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Croatia. The workshop took place in Munich, Germany. Taking part in this training was […]

Education and a Christmas Atmosphere in Munich

First day At first glance in Munich, my expectations circled around Bavarian sausages and all of the other wonders that Germany gave to mankind. We (the WYA Croatian “ambassadors”: Lucija, Ivan and Stipe) were welcomed to a chilling 1˚C and a Christmas atmosphere worthy of the Nutcracker. By the time we got to the hostel, […]