Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow 2019


Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow (CYWT) 2019 was a four-day intensive training, taking place from the 1st to the 6th of December, which gathered 21 young professionals from 7 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Croatia. The workshop took place in Munich, Germany.

Taking part in this training was beneficial for me not only on the professional level, but also on a
personal level. In terms of professional development, participating in several workshops on different
subjects related to advocacy, human dignity and media has helped me enhance my critical thinking and
communication skills. During the CYWT 2019, I enjoyed three particular workshops the most. Firstly,
during one of the four days of training, we focused on the white papers produced by the experts at World Youth Alliance on various themes, such as: sustainable development, assisted suicide and euthanasiasurrogacy and HIV/AIDS. The participants were split into teams and each one of us discussed the white papers, pointing out the main ideas, the dilemmas and the conclusions within the papers. What I liked the most about this workshop was that it has enabled participants to exercise their debating skills and it also encouraged everyone to think of the possible steps that we, as individuals or our countries, can take to ameliorate these global issues. At the centre of the solutions proposed by the participants on the global issues were always the elements of human dignity and advocacy of the youth, which are core values for World Youth Alliance.

Secondly, another workshop that I found most useful was about social media. The workshop has taught participants how to use social media platforms and to create slogans to make their advocacy more effective and to reach the masses. The workshop included plenty of resources that youth can use to create content and diffuse their messages more effectively.

Lastly, I also enjoyed the last workshop about solidarity which equipped the participants with a hands-on experience to apply what they have acquired in the previous days of training and to create an effective social media campaign for their advocacy project.

In terms of personal development, the intensive training has provided me with a great network of other young workers coming from different parts of Europe. Participating and working together in teams during the workshops has brought the participants closer and not only did we become acquainted, but we all became friends. Thanks to CYWT, I realised that there are other young people with the same motivation, goals and values across Europe who wish to unite and fight for the important issues in today’s global society.

In a few words, I am thankful for the opportunity to be one of the participants in the Coordination of the Youth Workers for Tomorrow project. I have acquired useful insights and experiences, which are fruitful for my professional and personal development. One quote that perfectly describes the CYWT 2019 experience is “True solidarity is only possible among the solitary ” by Jose Bergamin. As participants, we were able to achieve so much during the training and to create effective social campaigns for global issues because we acted in unity.

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Published: December 18, 2019
Written by Ruxandra Florea, a WYA member from Belgium

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