Decade of Dignity and Development

…the verdict…

Q. What did you like most about this event?

A. The various facilitators/speakers were great and congratulations on a successful conference. (Yaw Ofran Dapaa, GHANA)

Q. What did you least like at the event?

A. Nothing I can think of.(Dualle Hafsa Abdi, KENYA)

Q. What were your expectations?

A. To have a discussion with other young people, to share views and experiences and consequently gain an in depth understanding of WYA’s philosophy.(Obadios Ndaba, RWANDA)

Q. Were your expectations met?

A. Certainly yes! (Charles Egwuba, NIGERIA)

Q. What topic/themes covered interested you most?

A. The role of young people and youth organizations in developing Africa’s potential.(Gladys Madara, ZIMBABWE)

Q. In what area would you like us to improve on?

A. Take us to the community, we would like to see the people of Africa.(Mdemka Sakhumzi, SOUTH AFRICA)

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