Did you make a nice day today?


make a nice day

Just how many days or how many times a day do we complain about things? And what also pops into my mind regarding the subject I want to deal with is that sentence we say to each other of ‘have a nice day!’

Firstly, why do we complain so much? I think we should look inside ourselves and find motives everyday to feel happy and thankful; try to be more easy going with life’s situations and appreciating the luck we’ve had in our lives and how fortunate we are. A lot of us, fortunately, have a reason to smile. Value it.

Secondly, when we say: ‘have a nice day…’ Why? Why do we have this sentence so commonly said universally? Isn’t it better if we say: MAKE a nice day. I mean you can compliment your mate for wearing a beautiful shirt, you can help a lady that is trying to cross a street fully packed with cars, you can call a friend and offer to take them out for lunch if they are having a tough day, you can call your mom to remind her you love her… YOU can make someone’s day a nice day. YOU can make someone’s day a GREAT day. Wouldn’t you rather do that than having a nice day yourself without contributing to anybody’s?

I think in general we should always keep these two ideas in mind and try to spread the feeling of empathy. We should work on making others people’s days better because eventually, that way we can make their lives better.

So YOU, have you made a nice day today?


–  By our regional intern, Lucia Rodriguez, World Youth Alliance – Middle East

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