European Career Day Event – Maastricht, Netherlands


Rise and Shine

Our journey started at 6am waking early on a freezing Brussels morning! By 7am François was waiting outside in his car. We were going to a European Career day Event with François who was due to speak to a group of students in Maastricht about working for an NGO. After missing a turning on the motorway we still arrived on time at 9.01am :). We then met the students and prepared the room, just in time for coffee and some introductory informal discussion.

François began his presentation a few minutes later talking about his professional background and what it is like doing an internship with W Y A. The scariest part for us was when François asked us to talk about our experiences as W Y A interns, especially as we have only been here for a short amount of time (Sara – 2 and a half weeks, Alex- 3 days). François underlined the importance of being focused when chosing a career and following your convictions in order to find your real passion in life.

We believe the students responded positively as the majority of them signed a sheet to receive W Y A´s newsletter, and they seemed very enthusiastic about WYA´s work. After working really hard we took some time to visit the city centre and voilà back to Brussels =).

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