European Parliament Considers Resolution on Coercive Practices in China


The European People’s Party (EPP group) proposed a Resolution in late June asking that the European Commission ensure that the European Union budget does not fund any organization or entity directly or indirectly involved in coercive family planning practices in China. The Resolution was inspired by recent events involving Cheng Guangcheng, a well-known Chinese activist against forced abortions, and Ms. Feng Jianmei, a young woman who was forced by Chinese local family planning authorities to undergo a late-term abortion because she already had one child.

The Resolution condemns the practice of forced abortion, and calls attention to the fact that the European Union funds NGOs in China that provide services in the areas of maternal and child health care, access to essential STD services, and various health projects. The World Youth Alliance applauds the EPP for taking the initiative to raise the question as to whether any of these NGOs are involved in coercive practices.

The Resolution was proposed as an “urgent resolution” concerning debates on cases of breaches of human rights. This was accepted by the Conference of Presidents. Each political group will now propose its own resolution by Monday, July 2. After this, the Resolution will be negotiated among all the EU political groups, before a final resolution is produced. WYA will continue to monitor the progress of the Resolution with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the EU does not finance any organizations involved in coercive practices.

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