Happiness & Human Rights


As a human, I know the value of happiness and a smile.

Photo by Jesse Schoff on Unsplash

According to my religion, happiness is a valuable thing that can help people create nice paths in  their life. Our ancestors lived with happiness even with limited technology. Unfortunately, many people now live with limited resources and have developed technologies which harm our happiness. Modern society has seen people try to go beyond others to achieve their goals. They try to reach happiness by violating and overtaking others’ rights. 

During war time, the basic rights of people are violated by others. As a result of those violations, the necessity of human rights arose. From early onwards, there were few human rights-related discussions and certain written documents came into action for the protection of human rights. For an instance, the UDHR is the bible of human rights which includes 30 human rights related to different aspects of human nature. Although not binding, the UDHR lists fundamental things afforded to all humans that in return must be protected by all the human beings in this world. In protecting this, people stay happy.

Photo by Tharoushan Kandarajah on Unsplash

My country Sri Lanka, is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country. As a citizen, one can see that when there are no discrimination, people are able to share food, and exude happiness. Therefore, one can understand how human rights and recognition of everyone’s dignity are valuable things for the happiness of every human being. Laws in place that protect the dignity of all people enables this culture.

Human rights and happiness have an unmeasurable bond. It can be mentioned as two sides of the same coin.

Published: January 15, 2022

This blog was written by Chathushi Vidushika, a WYA Asia Pacific Intern Alumna from Sri Lanka. Want to be part of the WYA Asia Pacific Intern Family? Visit bit.ly/aponlineinternship today!

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