How WYA Inspires Me Every Day


ISF picNowadays, our world is facing a big problem. There is selfishness around the globe, the most important thing is the number of material objects you have, you need to gain power, and many other factors which are wrongly prioritized above humanity.

For me WYA has been more than a simple organization full of young people committed to help and develop new techniques for our society. WYA has been like a family, it is a place you can call home. The alliance has taught me that in this universe we need to seek more than our personal interests because there’s a world out there where people from different religious, cultural, ethnics and social classes who need our help to develop and improve in order to create a better world that promotes solidarity.

Sustained by its pillars, I consider WYA’s mission to be truly an important force these days, because young people really don’t know or even care about others; and this organization can help many young people believe that it does not matter how little the effort or things we do, we can still contribute to any daily issues or problems our globe is living. We can make an impact.

Throughout history we can realize how leaders can inspire and move many people in order to create real changes, I truly believe WYA is full of young leaders around the world. President JFK once said “We need men who can dream of things that never were” and this what we need to do, dream of things and work in order to make them possible, stepping out of our comfort zone, promoting human dignity and freedom. These are intrinsic values that are given to us by the simple fact that we can call ourselves humans!

By Victor Herrera, WYA Committee member. 

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