Human Rights is No Longer a Basic Right : It’s a Privilege



At this day in age, one would assume that society would have improved in various aspects , from ethical to social purposes, however it seems like behavior-wise, it hasn’t advanced at all.

Imagine if you grew up in a country which you claim as your own then get denied of the basic citizen rights just because society does not approve of your image?

Imagine if you cried out for help but people just looked right through you just because you don’t fit society’s ideal conception?

Imagine if you were always looked down upon, abused , restricted and mistreated because of your ethnicity?

As horrible as it sounds, this kind of torment exists in many lives of the migrants whom are currently residing in Lebanon.

With all the laws that have been created and currently exist throughout the century, one would assume that it would be covering most of the issues people face but to no avail. The law of human rights exist for everyone, but the migrants don’t get to experience this privilege.

I remember the first time I heard of this problem. To find out that maids are treated as untrusted prisoners in their employers’ homes by being locked in their rooms, given an insufficient amount of food to live by on a daily basis and to be shouted at, it’s just heartbreaking. As though their rights of being human is being restricted due to irrational beliefs. This story made my jaw dropped just as my faith in humanity has – I was in shock.

When I learned that this sort of maltreatment still exists in this world, it made me realize that not all humans empathize with each other.Unfortunate enough, the shock feeling does not end there. I was disturbed by what I have seen in my own eyes of physical abuse caused toward a migrant and how no one even batted an eye. To see such a horrendous act being taken place in a public space has made me realize that I cannot simply just sit there, stare and comment:its time I take action in my own hands. I made a promise to myself that while I am still at a young age, I will make sure that the amount of mistreatment to occur to migrants will lessen with simple acts because even small acts are better than nothing.

All in all, there is a manifest discrimination amongst races. This form of division, that is associated with violent behaviors, has distorted the original purpose of human rights. Human rights is no longer a basic right-it’s a privilege.

– By our regional intern Elsie Merhi – World Youth Alliance, Middle East

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