Meet Mimille Guzman, WYA’s New International Director of Operations


“WYA allows its mission to transcend the ideal and become Real. A sure proof of this is every WYA friendship, in various shape, race, and circumstance, formed under the recognition of each other’s dignity,” shares Mimille, WYA’s incoming International Director of Operations, when asked about what drew her to WYA.  

“I first met WYA through Zarina, who was an old friend and the former WYA Asia Pacific RDO. I remembered seeing her Facebook posts about WYA and found myself agreeing with the values they advocate. But what attracted me the most was how happy they were.” From there, Mimille took the regional internship with the Asia Pacific office before taking the international internship in New York. Her main projects involved developing and implementing the Human Dignity Curriculum. In 2017, she also represented the Asia Pacific region in the CIAM-WYA Rome Youth Colloquium.


As the International Director of Operations, Mimille will support the WYA President in handling WYA’s communications channels, global intern and event management, and finances. When asked on what she is most excited about on taking the directorship, she shares, “I look forward to help in refining the channels where we promote our stories like the website and the newsletter. WYA stories deserve to be told and heard because they bring hope and inspire action. Well, they sure did for me.” She also wants to focus on building a firmer foundation in the WYA network, “I want to provide more support to our Chapters and National Committees because they are living proof that young people can do amazing things when given the opportunity and tools to lead.”


She adds in parting, “WYA has done so much for me as a young person. The training from the Certified Training Program and the mentorship you are given from this family of dignity defenders are irreplaceable. And while I continue to learn to this day, it’s time to give back!”

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