Meet WYA Europe’s New Advocacy Director, Marie-Laure Denoël


This September, WYA gives a warm welcome to our new WYA Europe Advocacy Director, Marie-Laure Denoël!

“WYA is an amazing network of highly motivated young people who understand the beauty of life, the unmeasurable value of each human person, and want to spread hope around the world. I have always dreamt of being part of such a meaningful mission.” 

Prior to becoming the WYA Europe DA, Marie-Laure underwent the Advocacy internship with the regional office in 2021. She also became a certified member and an advocacy certified member in the same year. Marie-Laure holds a Master’s degree in Law, with a focus on European Law, Human Rights and Family Law. She had the opportunity to do some advocacy work at European Level with the NGO Make Mothers Matter. 



I would like to encourage young people to be active citizens, to get knowledge about current international policies, to enter the debate in topics dear to their heart and to learn to do so with the help of WYA training and programs.” Marie-Laure testifies that the Advocacy Academy has been an empowering training that allows members to construct person-centered solutions in social issues and international debates. 

She also cites the Certified Training Program as an essential first step to align WYA members on the same vision of the human person. “This allows us to “stand together as one”. This training makes WYA special. It helps to forge bonds of unity, common projects, and shared dreams.” 

Stepping into her role as RDA, one of her goals is to build a strong network of like-minded decision-makers capable of generating change. “With continuous learning, monitoring of the European political activities relevant for WYA, and good collaboration with our members and allies, I wish to recommend appropriate language for policymakers that will foster human dignity.

WYA wishes you all the best, Marie-Laure!

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