Mr. Messy Hair


Shining eyes, smiling lips and messy hair was his portrait.

He used to wait at the door of a university for anyone to buy from his roses so he won’t be grounded once going back home.

Some people never noticed him, some felt pity for this little child, others used to mock him to have fun and some felt pity for themselves for they couldn’t help him with more than a piece of bread. But at the end of the day, for them, he was a little stranger; which was not his case.

He knew them all, he memorized their words, their fights, their smile and even more, he saw their tears… Mr messy hair witnessed their lives, witnessed life in its sincere moments.

Those tears were the hardest part of his day; and so when he saw that young beautiful lady crying, without her lover for the first time, he went to her. Not that he knew much about reassuring people but he remembered that a little kiss from his mother used to let him forget his dad’s slaps and punishments.

He went to her, kissed her cheeks and gave her one of the roses that were between his hands, he didn’t step away till making sure that her face was smiling again.

Time passed, he saw her again laughing and holding hands with the one she loves. And when she stopped coming to her university, he loved to think that his rose helped the lady with her problems.

While many people tend to sleep on broken hearts, not knowing that they are born to make a change –even a little one- a “powerless” child realized that he can leave his imprint in this world.

And so everyone of us can inspire, move rocks, when we believe in our value as human beings that can make a difference.

By our regional intern in World Youth Alliance Middle East, Hanan Tabet

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