New Year Better Me



It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friend gatherings, places beautifully covered in snow, champagne bottles being popped open, parties here and there and the sky painted with different colors by fireworks. We all have that one feeling where we wait for the New Year to come around. We aim for better things to come. People who went through tough times pray the New Year will bring better things; others who generally had a good year pray for the new year to be even better. However we all need to keep in mind that the beginning of the year is just another day that we live. Most things do not change. Bad days are inevitable and we need to understand that a whole year cannot be perfect. All we need to do as individuals is live each day as it comes and hope for the best and make the most out of it.

Another thing that is constantly being said is “a new year, new me”. We are all different individuals; each with our own unique personality. An individual as a whole cannot change. However what one can do is hope for a better you. We make goals in order to achieve them. To reach these goals we can always think better ways to reach them. One can look within themselves to ponder and highlight their flaws. Instead of creating a “new me”, we can all work on a “better me”. If we work on certain aspects such as racism, prejudice, as well as other things, to accept matters such as diversity and different cultures, human rights etc. we wont just better ourselves individually but better our societies.

– By our regional intern, Layal Jammal, World Youth Alliance – Middle East

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