Online Track A Training – Fall Semester


Working to influence international policy is a major goal for the World Youth Alliance. To be effective in this area, young people should understand the notion of human dignity and carry that vision with them. For the past thirteen years, World Youth Alliance members from different countries have been exchanging ideas on issues affecting them in their regions. Training has proven to be a common call and vision for a huge percentage of youth in the Alliance and the world.

The World Youth Alliance has developed a Certified Membership Training Program that helps young people around the world articulate and solve problems facing them in their countries. The course will cover three major areas: the philosophy of the human person, movements and individuals who have shaped history, and international documents and institutions.

The Middle East regional office of the World Youth Alliance is launching the Fall semester that lasts from September 01, 2012 until December 31, 2012.

The deadline for registration is August 24, 2012, for more information on the program and registration, click here!

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