Peace and Love from Tunisia


800px-Caravane_de_la_libération_5If you ever want to embark into an illuminating journey, to discover new perspectives, and to enrich your knowledge, I recommend you take Track A training. It is a course made up of valuable materials that are capable of enriching your knowledge about the facts that have shaped the world! Believe me, Track A is not a simple training, it is a life changing experience! This experience reinforced my belief that my happiness is an outcome of the good I can offer to others and for this very reason I want to share with you the joy of taking Track A training.

Indeed, it is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and get acknowledged with various experiences. In the midst of all this, you will find yourself thinking about your own context and how you can be an effective member in your community. In fact, it helped me see things differently and provided me with truthful evidence with which I can back up my arguments. When reading the texts, I contemplated in a myriad of questions I have never been thinking about the same way I do today.

Track A training incited me to voice my beliefs and translate them into actions like Anna Halpine did. As a result, I have recently started my own blog, Tunisian Style, and I am determined to make a difference as a Tunisian citizen who participated in the Jasmin Revolution where youthful energy with an unshakable belief that human dignity is more valuable than everything comes out to change our lives for the better.

Youth are the future of our country and in them lies the hope for brighter days and the Track A training experience made me aware of the importance of involving young people in the social, civil and political life of the country in order to support the establishment of a secure future that comes first through the promotion of human dignity. Through my blog, I want to tell the world about Tunisia― that small country in North Africa that they have maybe never heard of! I want to give voice to the Tunisian youth and carry with me a strong conviction that the power of young people is able to change the world. I would like to share with others the noble premises of the WYA charter in connection to my experiences and feel the honor of participating in the promotion of human dignity. I would like to spread the word and emphasize that there should be a real commitment to promoting human dignity.

I also want to enlarge my circle of reciprocal love so that it includes people from different backgrounds in an unmediated relation characterized by transparency, honesty, and sincerity. Free exchange of love between the human family, like that called for in the WYA Declaration on the Human Person, completes every human being and safeguards his dignity.

I believe that the future is OURS and now, thanks to the motivating readings provided by Track A training, I think it is high time to act. As a speech never replaces a scheme, I wish you take the initiative to participate in this wonderful opportunity and that, upon completion of your training, you will realize the importance of such an insightful experience.

By Afef Gardabbou, a WYA Member from Tunisia.

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