Restore Marriage, Restore The Future


Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 3.34.10 PMIt is very simple: a balanced future in Europe, and in the world, must be based on children and their  formation and education. The family is the best tool that a society has to ensure that children are educated rightly.

There are different ways to understand marriage, but a proper understanding of marriage is one that is based on what is best for children.

Society must strengthen its understanding of marriage and the family in order to provide children with the love and support they need. This goal can only be accomplished if parents relearn that children are the primary purpose of marriage.

Today many people in the western world are uniting under the banner of marriage without understanding what marriage’s proper aim should be.  Many couples decide to marry for convenience in order to gain privileges and benefits. For example, in Spain, there are more legal benefits provided by the State to married couples than for the people who cohabitate with their partners. People are thus motivated to marry for its material benefits, rather than for the raising of children.

According to the 2012 CDC National Survey of Family Growth, children strengthen marriages. There is a 37% probability that a marriage will last longer than 10 years if the couple has no children, but a 79% chance if the couple has a child  8+ months after marriage.[1]

Children are the true meaning of marriage. The youth are the future, and societies with declining birth rates will suffer if changes aren’t made. Strong marriages will facilitate higher birth rates, and therefore a brighter future.

By: Jon Sainz, WYA member from Spain


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