State of the Union and Human Dignity


On Wednesday 13th September 2017, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, delivered his annual speech on the State of the European Union at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Presenting the priorities of the EU for the year the main idea he stressed through his speech was the one of greater unity and protection of the principles on which Europe is based: freedom, equality of opportunity and rule of law.

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President Jean-Claude Juncker, presented five main proposals two of which are key issues regarding Human Dignity:

Fight against climate change, recalling the Paris Agreement

-Cooperation with Member States that are receiving high number of refugees and immigrants

He also recognized the honourable labour young volunteers are carrying out through the new European program call European Solidarity Corps, the necessity of continue providing aid to Africa and the regret of having the United Kingdom out of the EU among others.

The World Youth Alliance Europe welcomes the message of unity presented by Jean-Claude Juncker. In Europe, despite our differences, the aim of achieving peace and prosperity led us to co-work and cooperate together. In WYA, despite coming from very different parts of the world, the fervour of defending the dignity of every human person inherited in all of us, make us become a united family.

Moreover, one of the issues presented by President Jean-Claude is in connection with WYA theme for this year European ELC (Emerging Leaders Conference), “Migration and Development: Human Dignity in the Refugee Crisis.” In this moment, our continent is experiencing the arrival of a high number of people in need. We recognize the same dignity in migrants and refugees and we practice the solidarity that is one of WYA core values. We, the young people, have the potential and the illusion to make our best in order to serve the others and as the President of the Commission pointed out, many are already engaged in solidarity projects.

Join us in this year’s European Emerging Leaders Conference (26th-29th of November), to learn more about the dignity of the person, especially focused on the immigrants and refugees. You can also find WYA´s Declaration onMigration and Development in our webpage.

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