Stress and the Economy


weight_by_underautumnskies-d3h2kphI was having lunch with a man and his wife from London on Saturday. The man studied in Cambridge University and was telling me how life has changed since his time and how now all people do is stress, stress and stress. If you think about it, all our stress these days is based on our economy, how much we want to get the things we want to buy, the places we want to travel to and he was right! People are stressed because of the economy and the crisis we are going through. Everything is becoming more expensive! We live in a superficial world, realism is the hardest thing to find, even the likes on Facebook can be fake too. People are becoming more self involved as opposed to helping others. They stress about little things and have no idea what to do if they aren’t worrying.

There will always be second chances in our lives, stressing about it does not make our lives easier. It makes us all stubborn and behave in an animalistic way. All we care about is money; it does not matter who stands in our way and what will happen. This shows that most politicians strive for this, but they actually do not stress about stealing or manipulating people, rather they leave people to do all their own stressing. They say little things can make you happy.

Helping others can make you happy, when you feel that you are giving someone the joy of happiness, you will be happy. Why do you think people travel to poor countries and do missionary work? Why do those that work for NGO’s appreciate their jobs? Because making a difference does help oneself to feel less stressed. Looking around you and seeing people being less fortunate than you, makes you feel better and your stress will not be bad as it was. Youth today should understand that stress comes and goes, your mind sets your happiness according to how you see the world and what really is important to you.

By Wendy Tlais, Intern for WYA Middle East.

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