Summer Fun Challenge


Summer brings to mind all sorts of activities: sun, vacation, beaches, and fun. This summer, WYA would like to challenge you to find fun ways to celebrate the human person. Don’t know where to start? You can draw inspiration from the different projects run by our regional offices.

Drinks and Discussion

SummerFunChallenge_NA2 If your idea of a fun night is socializing with like-minded individuals over a glass of wine or juice (for the minors), Drinks and Discussion might be an event for you. Every 7pm for 7 Thursdays, young professionals gather in the living room of the WYA Headquarters in New York to discuss human person-related topics like freedom, solidarity, culture, human dignity and human rights. This series of meetings provides a fun, casual space for members to talk about the concepts of Track A and apply it to contemporary culture and current events. Discussion can range from the economic—“How do you build a just capitalistic society?”—to the social—“Do pop stars like Ke$ha contribute to shaping behavioral norms?” You can read the experience of one (initially) reluctant participant here. What are you waiting for? Start an engaging conversation with your friends about WYA. Grab a few fellow members and talk about your favorite Track A Training topic or discuss how you think current events relate to human dignity. The point is to get things started!

Dignity Project

SummerFunChallenge_AP During an internship period, WYA staff and interns often collaborate on a local task we call a Dignity Project. The Dignity Project is a chance for interns and staff to bond and better get to know each other outside a work setting. With every batch, interns plan a set of activities where they get to share their hobbies and talents with each other. Dignity Projects can be anything! Past projects have ranged from art or photography workshops to playing sports together. The Dignity Project gives us the chance to experience the uniqueness of the people we are working with every day. Learning new things about one another enables us to grow in excellence together. You don’t have to be an intern to set up a Dignity Project! Gather some friends and fellow members to share a passion project that you have been working on or contemplating doing.

International Summer Camp

SummerFunChallenge_NA WYA Headquarters in New York hosts an International Summer Camp for high-achieving youth each year. We welcome young people between the ages of 13 to 18 for this intensive one-week program to learn about the dignity of the person and how this idea is the starting point for change in the world—all while having a great time exploring the Big Apple! During the program, students not only build up their knowledge and understanding of the human person, but also build lasting friendships with fellow campers from all over the world. You should join in the fun!If you can’t make it to the International Summer Camp, don’t worry—there are other camps being held in Asia Pacific and Africa. And most of all, don’t be disheartened if you aren’t able to come to a camp this year, because there’s always next year.

Cycling for Family

SummerFunChallenge_AF Last May, WYA Africa decided to celebrate International Day of the Family by organizing a cycling party and picnic in the Karura Forest of Nairobi. Apart from sharing stories and cycling through the forest, our staff and members also discussed the role of modern man in society and how his participation in the family could be improved. WYA joins the world in celebrating special days like the Day of the Girl, World Population Day, HIV/AIDS Day and other similar days. We often celebrate these days by featuring the stories of members who connect to the mission of WYA in a special way, so be on the look out for our next campaign!

Coffee House

SummerFunChallenge_AP2 The Coffee House project provides a stage where members old and new can share their talents. You may be surprised to find out that there is a singer, dancer, comedian, or even magician hidden inside your fellow WYA member! Other forms of art like paper quilling and spoken word have also taken center stage in past Coffee House events. The options are as unlimited as your creativity! At WYA, we appreciate the unique creative energy each individual possesses because culture, after all, is nothing less than a bridge between individuals.

Office Fun

SummerFunChallenge_EU2 Whoever said that office work had to be boring? For those in the office this summer, celebrate dignity with your colleagues! Take a cue from us. WYA Europe was recently preparing for their Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) in the European Parliament in Brussels. Preparations were very intense and demanding, however, each member of the WYA Europe staff performed his or her duties with a smile! Our positive attitude stems from the knowledge that everything we do, we do to promote the dignity of each and every person—and what could be more meaningful (and inspirational) than that? Like WYA Europe, maybe most of your tasks are (relatively) serious and challenging. Just remember that unexpected adventures pop up in the most unanticipated ways… like, for example, if a huge green grizzly bear appeared in the heart of the European Parliament completely unannounced! Do you need to wait for a huge, green grizzly bear to come to your workstation? Talk to your colleagues and find a way to make work less boring and more fun!

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