WYA Europe Hosts 2017 ELC on Migration and Development

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety”, said once Felix Mendelssohn, an artist from the 19th century. This year’s ELC was a stark example of such a statement. Young people from all over Europe and beyond gathered to give their contribution to the issue of migration currently affecting the world. What harmonized a […]

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in the European Migrant Crisis

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in the European Migrant Crisis have been the principal victims not only of abuse back in their countries and during their dangerous displacements but also, and sadly, of neglect and violence in Europe by our bureaucratic systems and law enforcers, as well as common citizens. WYA Europe interns had the opportunity to […]

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day in the European Parliament

Responsibility and a good team are the most important requirements once you have to work on a project. These were, without any doubt, included into the requirements of the Down syndrome campaign that was organized by the World Youth Alliance Europe. I have something more to add to these requirements, something that I discovered myself […]

Reflections on European Arts Forum 2016

How could I summarise 2016 EAF? Maybe with these three words: Beauty, Talent, Splendour. Primarily, I deeply regretted not to participate to the exposition event on Saturday, June 25th. I could not come to this venue was due to the fact I was given a poetry prize in Metz, France. As I arrived in Brussels, […]

Impressions from the 4th WYA Week in Croatia

WYA Week is the main event of the year for the WYA community in Croatia. It’s a project in which almost all the members participate in some way or the other. Some members are assigned to organize a specific day, some work with the media, others host in radio and TV shows or make preparations for […]

Celebrating 2016 European Day of Safe Birth and Motherhood

World Youth Alliance Europe contributed to the celebration of the European Day of Safe Birth and Motherhood with the presence of Antoine Mellado, WYA Europe’s director of advocacy as one of the panelists at the Conference on Safe Birth and Maternal Health. The death of a mother not only affects her family and put their children at […]

Education To Build Security And Cohesion

On 29th of June our WYAE team participated in a special event in the European Parliament hosted by the Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Flavio Zanonato and Silvia Costa from the Socialist and Democrats party. Within the larger theme of “Engaging Civil Society to Build Security and Cohesion in Europe”, there were two sessions: […]

Children’s Well-being Indicators

The Quality of Childhood working group in the European Parliament held a conference this month on children’s subjective well-being. The main aim of the conference is to contribute in the policy debate in order to develop policy of childhood and protect children’s rights in the EU, it is highly important to have a clear overview […]