New spring of Human Dignity Curriculum in Croatia

In the spring semester of the school year 2018/2019, the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) programme was conducted in primary schools in Croatia. We, the WYA Croatia Chapter members had the opportunity to teach the HDC in two primary schools in Zagreb: First Catholic Primary School and Primary school Ivan Mestrovic. In First Catholic Primary School […]

“We should talk about this in school more often!”: Impressions from HDC workshops in Osijek, Croatia

Dojmovi s provedbe Kurikula za ljudsko dostojanstvo u Osijeku   [tabs] [tab title=”English”] Members of the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) team from Osijek, Croatia, Katharina Stjepanović, Lana Jelinek, Manuela Dudaš, MatejaTatarević, Tajana Keleković, Jela Markušić and Katarina Furdić, had held the HDC workshops in Elementary School “Fran Krsto Frakopan” in Osijek. There were nine lectures […]

Our Children, Our Future

Children have always fascinated me. It could be because of their infectious jovialness, their naivety, or just how they always spur within me the need to protect them. A child’s love is one so pure. Being around them gives me a feeling of cleansing. Some of my best days have been spent playing, feeding, and […]