Learning to Understand Myself and Others

“What to do during the holiday?” Most of us will probably say, ‘rest, do nothing.’ Enjoying idle time would have also been my initial answer since I’ve been too busy doing office and college tasks over the past few months. Fortunately, reality turned out differently. I ventured to step out of my comfort zone and try […]

Will you open the next WYA Chapter?

You could promote dignity without leaving your area. World Youth Alliance (WYA) is giving young leaders the opportunity to lead their communities and educate more youth through opening a WYA Chapter. Last year (2018), WYA opened 17 new chapters around the world. That means at least 17 WYA Members (and their supportive friends) stepped up to promote […]

Thoughts about camp: More than a plane ticket

The moment I sent my camp participation fee was the same time I decided to experience something that I knew would be etched in my heart for a very long time. I liked the idea of traveling alone to somewhere I have never been to; perhaps even live for a week with people whom I […]

Thoughts about camp: summer and leisure

Summer, on its own I think, is the greatest festival. Except this year I knew it was going to be different. I was selected for the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) summer camp. I was excited indeed because this camp was going to be an international visit for me, coming from Nepal. It was […]

Thoughts about camp: 3 reasons why

Do you usually find yourself lying in bed on your phone, eating, sleeping, and doing the same routine over and over again? Well, I felt that way, too. I wanted to do something for a change, something worthwhile in the summer, something that would take me out of my boring schedule. I thought about it […]

Today’s Youth: Dreamers, Builders, and Leaders

  Where would you find yourself on a Saturday at eight ‘o clock in the morning? Safe and snug under your warm blanket? Reading a calming novel out on a patio? Or maybe jogging around your neighborhood to get some fresh air? I would normally be doing at least one of those, but last February 4 […]

Making Introverted Leaders: Why The Future Looks Bright?

Interview with Ines Lobo Lozano, a WYA Europe intern A few days ago – just when the buzz about Donald Trump winning the US elections has reached its climax – I had a privilege to have a private talk with Ines Lobo Lozano. A shy and soft-spoken girl with even softer accent from the north […]