Dangers of childhood in the digital age

22nd of February 2018 (Thursday), Brussels, Belgium – The European Parliament held a workshop on the protection of minors in the digital age. The three main topics brought on the table were defining the problem of child safety online, the solutions and policy dilemmas, and finally, the recommendations for EU policy developments on protecting minors […]

Call to MEPs to Prevent Child Exposure to Pornography and Violence – Protect Children from Harmful Audiovisual Contents

The European Parliament is about to adopt its report on the revision of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which regulates TVs, On-Demand services (e.g. Netflix) and video-sharing platforms (e.g. Youtube). The current directive explicitly forbids that television broadcasts programmes that contain pornography or gratuitous violence, in order to protect minors from these harmful contents. […]

Exposure of children to pornography

Our internet focused societies are increasingly targeting children in pushing them into a culture of porn. WYA has been participating in the Conference on Exposure of Children to Pornography in the EU, which demonstrated the negative influence that porn has on society, especially targeting children, youth, and family. Concern was expressed regarding the new proposal […]