ELC 2020, An Opportunity to Learn about Women’s Health

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] The 9th edition of the European Emerging Leaders Conference took place between the 2nd and the 6th of November, online, under the topic “Youth for Women’s Health and Rights”. In order to bring together active young people, policy makers and experts, WYA Europe based the event on short lectures, discussions and debates. […]

WYA gives an Opportunity for Young People to Initiate Dialogue

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Earlier this month, I had the excellent opportunity to participate in the Coordination of Youth Workers of Tomorrow (CYWT) event in the beautiful cold city of Munich. First of all, I would like to congratulate the members responsible for organising this meeting for their attention not only to the well-being, but to […]

WYA and Prejudice

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Recently, I have had the tremendous opportunity to spend a week in Vienna with people of various nationalities discussing topics encompassing human dignity. I didn’t really like the idea at first. When I had signed up originally and join the prep meetings, it had been summer. But now my 2nd year of […]