Thanks to my Family


Mother Kissing Her Daughter for a Present and Red RoseAt  birth, every human person starts a lifelong dynamic process of ‘becoming’ his, or her, future self. An individual’s character is in a constant state of  developing – for good, or for ill.  Just as a house needs to be built upon a foundation, an individual’s family  serves as the first “stones” of their character.  For this reason, the family must be recognized as the cornerstone of  society, and the right to found a family  should be viewed as one of the most important human rights.

In a family, a parent’s role is to seek the best for their children, to love them and to teach them to be responsible members and future leaders of society.  Our parents give us the best they have, and educate us the best they know how, not only for our sake, but also for the sake of the future generations. Yes, their primary motivation is love, but, a good parent recognizes his, or her, responsibility to improve society through its future members. A society which has been built well will not disappear, and may even improve over time for future generations. The one way to educate your children today will determine what  our society will look like tomorrow.

Looking back I see how my family has influenced what I am today and what I can become tomorrow. All that I am, and all that I have, I owe to my family. They put the hard work and dedication in educating me in the best way that they could, and with all the affection possible. I can only thank my family for all  that they have done for me. Although I am not an example of anything, I try to be a better person every day and do better because I have them at my side.

Thanks to my family for everything.

By Gonzalo Ucha, a WYA member from Spain. 

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