The Africa We Want


africa africa.jpg In nature “every living creature is the embodiment of some form of natural law. Its duration of life depends upon its obedience to the law of its nature, as embodied in its organism. It lives by being itself, by persisting in being it, and when it violates the law of the kind of being it is, it renounces life and perishes”. David Jayne Hill, HUMAN NATURE IN THE CONSTITUTION 24–25 (1926).  Africa seems to have lost track of this, because, adhering to unhelpful objectives of the government always jeopardizes the nature of life given to this continent by the creator.

A natural intelligence is independent from all manners of governance, utilizing the natural resource at its expense for development. Money should not be the first phase of any priority. When money stands as an ends as opposed to a means for good, self confidence and support are erased, leading to a point of no return. In return for money and power we kill ourselves and refuse to understand that those who are superior to us, seek their own agenda and blind us from the truth.

We must return to the Maker, seeking forgiveness and guidance away from our selfishness. Ignorance, inferiority complexes and indiscipline give us no future for the coming generations. This is definitely not what we wanted. A society that believes in promoting education, high moral standards, love and support, being thoughtful about the future as well setting a reasonable goal for the up and coming generations. A society that does not fight over power. A society that is understanding and truthful, a society that fears the Almighty and puts his words to work, a society ready to stand for positive policies and the development of human resources. A society that opens doors to opportunities for its inhabitants and habitats, encouraging a culture of selflessness and health, supporting individuals with talents. These goals would bring the continent of Africa to a state of peace and productivity.

A society that has the liberty to decide, manage and govern with the well-being of the people at heart. A society that understands the dignity of the person and promotes the rights to development, understanding the needs of the human person. This is the Africa we want.

Written by, Nana Osei O. A Bentil, member of World Youth Alliance.

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