The Role of My Family in My Life-The Man I am


Hello there, my name is Brian, Iam from Uganda (I prefer to say Iam from Africa:-because that’s where my heart belongs) Iam 25 years old and I call myself a Public Health Freak with a mission to extend international love for health equity. While I work for the Uganda Red Cross-International Youth Health Projects, I teach public health at Bishop Stuart University and most importantly, I have a full time job as a first born from my family.
The man I am is thanks to the early nurturing I got from my irreplaceable daddy and mummy. It is from home that I got to learn the seemingly simple but rather basics of life. I learnt the word respect especially for elders and girls. Apparently, Iam followed by 2 girls whom I had to look after and protect them from any abuses from fellow girls or boys at school. I was taught that the best way to solve a problem was through dialogue which would create no bloodshed. Ofcourse I was not the strongest kid at school but I had the most convincingly diplomatic tongue…something I learnt from family.
My family has this principle of being accountable to ourselves and the family itself. So, like I remember times when I was still a student in primary school, secondary school and University, my family members including my daddy, mummy and siblings always encouraged me to do the best that I could do. Even when I would be reading in libraries, I would know at the back of my mind that I was doing this for my family….that intrinsic feeling that I was an ambassador of my family wherever and whatever I did could be the most beautiful tattoo I shall always wear.
Then, came the dignity education…I remember, I was finalizing my Primary Seven-a level before joining secondary school, when my mother and daddy visited me at school and told me to pass or fail with dignity! That was awesome….they told me, whatever I do, I have to preserve my dignity as a well behaved student and that no one would ever take that from me! And that remains one of my top pleasures in life…I was glad to find the World Youth Alliance believes in the same @humandignity
Family taught me to live in harmony with other kids, neighbors…for example, we would share bikes, play football together, do those cultural dances at school events with my daddy and mummy in the background. I never forget that advice I’d get from grandparents, aunts, uncles….I learnt to read and write from my parents…Iam the man Iam because of my family &, if one has to change me, they will have to change my family first which is impossible! Family shall always remain my no.1 love.

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