The Secret to a Future of Flourishing


Victor Blog PicWe are living in the era of individualism. Modern society today is characterized by individualism, conformism, liberty manipulated for personal gain, and a lack of the values, such as justice and courage, which inspired centuries in the past.

We perceive this crisis in the problems the world is currently facing. Human rights are part of a new paradigm that places the world between human liberty and another human’s right to life. This is becoming a tremendous problem because we are ending our own species through the legalization of abortion in many parts of the world.

It is our duty, as young people committed to changing our world, to work towards a more just society where humans are not part of an issue but a solution that helps everyone flourish. It is our duty to protect and promote human dignity. By promoting dignity, we ensure our world and species a better future through its development.

We are currently facing disturbing problems. In Venezuela and Ukraine, violations to this intrinsic worth are committed daily to our brothers and sisters in struggles for power. Authorities in every corner of the world are responsible for the prevalence of peace and for developing society integrally, but for some reason they end up achieving the opposite. It is our right as citizens of each country to raise our voice and do what we can to change our reality. We shall not remain silent to these violations that we suffer, we must do our best so that this world becomes a better place for everyone.

This is a call for young people to fight injustice and to protect what needs to be protected the most. As a popular saying in the states, “Youth are the future of the world.” I truly believe that we are the future. In order to achieve a better future, now is the time we need to start working hard in our daily lives.


                                                                      By Victor Herrera, a WYA member from Mexico

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