The Worst Costume Party Ever


As if the name didn’t say it all, one glance around the room and you realized that the fashion gods were forever violated in one insolent room of shockingly horrible costumes. From the trashy white man to the exotic gypsy, to the silver snakeskin, split-seat bell bottoms, every turn of the head yielded new fashion atrocities which ruthlessly attacked the eye, leaving one to only wonder how such clothes managed to make it to their state of miserable existence. Listen to the first-hand tales of those who witnessed the horror themselves:

Casey Downing, intern – Well, there was a genie there that I tried to dance with but she was too scared of me, what with my cut-off shirt and knee socks. That was okay, though, once Billie Jean was put on the play-list and I just started moonwalking. There were also a good deal of pizza and bagels, and I had a Guinness and a dance with a granny who also looked curiously like a wolf –

My, what big dance moves you have Granny.

Yes, the better to school you with. ZING!

Kelly Schulz, intern – The sight of the trashy white man’s bare midriff still haunts me. I really enjoyed Little Red Riding Hood’s homemade cookies, and her arrival with the Wolf in Grandma’s Clothing and the Woodcutter was a highlight for me. The Woodcutter bore an uncanny resemblance to our founder.
Well said, Kelly and Casey. And this is not to mention that spongebob made an appearance, as did an angel, a cowgirl, and a loudspeaker. It may have been the worst costumes ever indeed. And although no ghosts appeared, the specters of bad fashion will haunt our dreams for months to come.

Frances Nuar – World Youth Alliance

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