The WYA Slumbook: Getting to know WYAAP’s Regional Interns (Batch 4, 2008)


Jessa Cruz is a senior Management Economics major at the Ateneo de Manila University. She is a member of the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association.

Kathleen Aurelio is a graduate of International Studies major in European Studies from De LaSalle University in Taft. She worked for the International Organization of Migration prior to her WYA internship.

Ola Bailon is an AB Communication Arts graduate from UPLB. She is a speech communication major. Prior to being a preschool teacher, she was a senior operations manager for a call center. She is currently applying for her MA in Developmental Psychology in UP Diliman.

1. What is your favorite color?
Jessa: Pink
Au: Brown
Ola: Purple

2. What is your favorite food?
Jessa: Crabs
Au: Bananaque
Ola: Shrimps

3. What is your favorite movie?
Jessa: You’ve Got Mail
Au: Cinema Paradiso
Ola: Gladiator

4. Hobbies?
Jessa: Read books, watch movies and go out with my friends.
Au: Staring into oblivion or simply, nagpapaka”auti”, walking around (the house,
the mall, the park, anywhere) with no particular direction, being normal like
watching tv, surfing the net, reading books, eating.
Ola: Reading, walking around the mall, playing with my dog, blogging

5. Interests?
Jessa: Design and travel.
Au: French language, people’s secrets c/o post, mechanical pencils and
notebooks -From the boring cattleya notebooks to those expensive ones from
fullybooked-, Basta anything related to school/office supplies(kaya nga nagenjoy ako
sa inventory of office supplies hahahaha), target shooting.
Ola: Cars, gadgets, dogs, books, music

6. What is your motto in life?
Jessa: “Seize the day” and “dare to know”
Au: Tomber sept fois relever huit (fall seven times, get up eight times)
Ola: God is good all the time!

7. What is your ambition?
Jessa: To do good
Au: To take over the world!!!!! *Bwahahaha*
Ola: Have my own pre-school

8. Describe Yourself:
Jessa: When I laugh so hard, I begin to cry. I like the smell of fresh laundry.
I have a jelly fish sting on my lower back.
Au: Someone who hasn’t let go of her childhood that is why she still watches
Disney channel, still owns a coloring book and colors whenever she feels lonely or
stressed, still goes to her parents’ bedroom when she is scared at night:P
Ola: A walking contradiction. (Yes naman!)

9. Define Love.
Jessa: Love is a fallacy.
Au: Love is blind. (Hahaha kadiri)
Ola: God is love. (Pramis!)

10. What is your favorite song?
Jessa: TMTM
Au: How to Change A Life
Ola: Right now? Lover Lay Down by Dave Matthews Band

11. What is your favorite book?
Jessa: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
Au: Pride and Prejudice hehe
Ola: Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren

12. What is your favorite pet?
Jessa: A dog?
Au: I never had a pet. Pwedeng pet sister? Hahaha
Ola: Chico! My Jack Russell Terrier dowg.

Complete the sentences:

I joined the WYA internship program because…
Jessa: it looked like a good opportunity.
Au: before the internship I was just bumming around the house pestering
my parents haha
Ola: I want to be an active member and I’m applying for my MA lang right now.
I’m unemployed and bored. Ehehe.

I loved reading the _____________ because _____________.
Jessa: Power of the Powerless in Track A because it was super long. Yay!
Au: Building A Free Cuba reading in Track A because it’s just a page. (Hahahaha)
Ola: Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. Kawawa naman sila pero astig!

I expect to _____________ after the internship.
Jessa: be a track A certified person
Au: dignified
Ola: be more socially aware

I hope I can contribute _____________ to WYA.
Jessa: my Photoshop skills
Au: kaweirdohan
Ola: experience

I am currently working on _____________.
Jessa: Daw’a lecture series and Viviamo! Projects
Au: Research Paper on RH Bill and Christmas Party
Ola: Sulong workshops and Sulong manual

I am looking forward to _____________.
Jessa: DDD!
Au: the WYA event/activity that you are looking forward to attending) the
Ola: DDD! Yung Frisbee!

Describe your co-interns.
Jessa: Au is always early and Ola always late 😀
Au: Ola is the expert in discussions and she lives nearby. (Dito lang naman sa may
Las Pinas) Jessa is an expert with PhotoShop and hates it when people call her
Jessa Zaragoza (so to those who will meet her for the first time, don’t give her that
joke haha).
Ola: Au is slightly nerbyosa, kinakabahan pag intro session. Haha. Super sipag mag-notes ni
Au. Jessa is the fashionista, cute ng mga outfit. Bungisngis. Creative.
Maraming fun ideas.

The WYAAP office accepts four batches of regional interns each year, and those who can’t do full time internships can also opt to do externships. To learn more about internship opportunities, visit the WYA website. If you think you’re kind of interested in the internship but would like a better idea of what happens at one.. why don’t you drop by the office and have a chat with the interns and the staff? They’d love to meet you! Email or call +632 433 07 15 to schedule a visit.

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