Thoughts at 3 AM


It’s one of those nights (or early mornings) when your brain suddenly starts functioning, and then your train of thought leads you to a realization that the human race has surpassed many challenges throughout the years. We live and learn, as they say. And the advancement of technology has played a significant role in surpassing these challenges.  Yet, in the present day, despite the development of technology, enhancement of education, even expansion of international relations, we repeat the same mistakes. Has anything really changed? We are living, but are we actually learning?

Photo from WYA Certified Member Diane Rosales

We pretty much go through the same cycles daily. And within that cycle, we are sometimes seen as simple costs and benefits. Miscalculations by the very people tasked to protect us cost many lives. What’s more terrifying is that I seem to be surrounded by people who tend to succumb to the defaults of the society by simply not taking a stand on contemporary issues may it be in the international, national, or local realm.

In a micro perspective, despite the  seeming monstrosity of today’s society, we wake up every day still appreciating little gestures through the lens of love, beauty, and nature. The manifestations of these ideas, a smile from a friend, a line of blooming fire trees along the road, or an easy commute, keep us going, unconsciously allowing us to see the value of so many things and people around us. The idea of dignity is not easy to comprehend. It is mysterious and has a commonplace in debates and speeches.

I personally believe we need World Youth Alliance founding principles now more than ever, to remind all of us of our worth and re-introduce the realm that upholds the importance of the person and puts him at the center.

Written by Dania Sario, member of WYA Ateneo de Zamboanga Chapter, and current intern at the WYA Asia Pacific office.

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