Tibetan Afternoon


Last June 4, our intern, Sam, shared with us a little bit about the Tibetan culture.

She prepared Tibetan auspicious food for us called Joma Dritse, which is made of cooked rice with candied fruits and nuts. This dish is served only to special guests in Tibet.

She then demonstrated how Tibetans model their clothes through a fashion show. It’s quite different from what we usually watch because their clothes has long draping sleeves and made of heavy fabric. They need to sway their arms more and walk slower so that we can appreciate the dresses.

And of course, there’s some audience participation needed! She taught us how to do a traditional Tibetan dance. Sam was very good, we followed her, and we all had fun.

She closed her Dignity Project with an act of generosity. She gave WYAAP a Tibetan scarf that is an icon in their culture and a traditional gift to others. It’s made of silk. (I’ve seen the Dalai Lama give this to his “guests and friends”.) We will definitely find a place to display it in the WYAAP House. Thank you very much, Sam!

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