Together to Save the Planet and Humankind


Climate change is a very important topic especially these days as we keep witnessing drastic changes in the planet from increased wildfires to the rising of sea levels, to the death of certain types of animals all around the world. 

Temperature data showing rapid warming in the past few decades, the latest data going up to 2020, 2016 and 2020 are tied for the warmest year since 1880, continuing a long-term trend of rising global temperatures (NASA website  2021). The 10 warmest years in the 141-year record have occurred since 2005, with the seven most recent years being the warmest (NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies ).1

This makes me question myself, who’s fault is this? In fact, the answer is clear; it’s humankind. In NASA Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts from countries all over the world under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there is more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet ( NASA Website 2021)². So clearly,  we are the reason why all these rare species are dying every single day, we are the reason behind these weather-related natural disasters, and we are the reason for the instability of nature.

The bad news is that most people are not paying attention to what’s happening, or they don’t even do their research on this topic, but the good news is that we still can make a change. In fact, small actions can make a difference. We can start by reducing our waste, trying to prevent pollution, start recycling, start using eco-friendly products and even start using bicycles for our small rides.

By standing together we can make a difference and create a change. We need solidarity in these hard times. We learned in the Certified Training Program that Solidarity is the unified commitment of persons to live and work in the truth of who we are and for the pursuit of the common good. The truth or what we might call “Satyagraha” according to Gandhi is a soul force; it seeks the truth in a difficult situation such as climate change that we are facing its consequences today.

Climate change is now a big topic, we are witnessing conferences on the international level meaning that this problem became universal which leads to the idea of Dalai Lama “ the universal responsibility “ and how it is not limited in the geographic sense and doesn’t only relate to world leaders only, it lies in each one of us. According to Dalai Lama, the universal responsibility is in relation with the issues confronting our planet.


I was so impressed by the idea of the Dalai Lama that we studied in the Certified Training Program and since then I have changed my habits towards the environment and our planet.  Therefore, if you want to discover the ideas of Dalai Lama and many other incredible people and you want to start a change within yourself and within the society, I invite you to join the Certified training Program, you’ll be able to gain knowledge and look at the world from a different angle that will change your life forever.

Published: January 5, 2022

Written by Ameni Mannai, Intern for the World Youth Alliance Middle East and North Africa.

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