Track A classes on-line!



There will be a new batch on Track A Training Online in July!

World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe has opened a new batch of Track A classes on-line
starting in July. It is not too late to join. We kindly invite all World Youth Alliance members
who would like to do Track A to register for it here:

This Training will run for 6 months with the following schedule for submission of

Chapter I WYA’s Foundational History and Chapter II Human Dignity: July 20th
Chapter III Freedom: August 20th
Chapter IV Solidarity: September 20th
Chapter V Culture: October 20th
Chapter VI History of Ideas: November 20th
Chapter VII International Law and Human Rights: December 20th

If you’ve missed the July start date, but would still like to join us, please write to:

Come join us, it will be great fun! 🙂

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