Why Take the #BestInternship Online?


During the pandemic, WYA opened more internship opportunities online. While it’s challenging to handle projects remotely, amazing young people still stepped up to plate and showed us what it means to be a WYA intern.

The WYA internship is an opportunity for members to gain training and hands-on experiences for building a culture of life in a professional setting. The online internship offers the same opportunity for members who, although unable to travel, are able to lead projects that uniquely cater to their skills.

Get to know the projects they handled, their advice for future interns and why they chose to take WYA’s #BestInternship online!

Thomas Sarrouf (Massachusetts, USA)

Studies: History, Secondary Education, and Philosophy, with a minor in Restorative and Transformational Justice at Boston College

“As a WYA intern, I completed the Certified Training Program and the Training of Trainers program, and am leading the Boston Chapter of WYA this year. I wrote a couple of blogs (on the Founding Principles of the American Constitution and the Value of Voting as a Family), which was a valuable learning and growing experience for me. The best lesson I have learned from the internship is probably the need for true solidarity based on a proper conception of human dignity, an idea based on the equality of all people who come together to promote and defend the Good in society. I think that is critically important for our world today, and I am grateful for my experience as a WYA intern to learn about why.”


Giovanna Milano (Texas, USA)

Studies: Economics and Italian Studies at Brown University

“As a WYA intern, I am also working with Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) to become a certified FEMM teacher. I love FEMM! I strongly believe that women should be “empowered with a choice” and to do that, they must be well informed about their bodies and recognize the beauty of what it means to be a woman. I teach clients about their reproductive health and fertility! I am working on planning and starting a WYA chapter in Providence, Rhode Island! 

My advice to future WYA interns is to take full advantage of the resources that WYA provides! This internship is what you make of it; always know that YOU are making a difference. No matter how small or big the task is, whether it is sending a simple email to helping to organize an event, your work is promoting human dignity! We are all part of a cultural movement that takes us, the youth!”


Ivy Aruasa (Kenya)

Studies: Law at Strathmore University


“My advice to future interns is to always try and pick something from the internship, they should make sure they learn something that will help change their way of thinking and in turn make an impact in the society with whatever they learn. WYA (is) a good place to develop and understand the human being and human dignity.”





Timothy Sang (Kenya)

Studies: Law at Strathmore University


“The World Youth Alliance is the whole package. My favorite part of interning at WYA was the virtual party. I was able to interact with a number of interns across the globe. We shared our views on various matters about human dignity. I’m proud to have friends in all the six continents courtesy of WYA. Moreover, I have enjoyed recruiting my friends to join WYA and be part of something great.”




Augusto Delfin (the Philippines)

Studies: Consular and Diplomatic Affairs in the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde


“In the past month that I’ve been an intern, I’ve learned that time management is a very important life skill, and that it is essential for a professional to be able to manage their time wisely. I’ve also learned that building relationships with your workmates makes your work easier, in a sense that it makes it more bearable because you get to know them more, how they work, and what their thought process is like. Above all, however, developing the friendships that you make in work help you to be more open to each other and have a sense of collective responsibility.”



Rosheena Feliciano (the Philippines)

Studies: Consular and Diplomatic Affairs in the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

“I am currently handling our Online Garage Sale and I have been part of the post-event insights of #DignityInDepth. Our online garage sale helps us to raise funds for our future WYA programs, and to help those people who are transitioning into the “new normal” which is work from home type of jobs. 

The best lesson I have learned from the internship is from one of the CTP chapters in which Victor Frankl said that “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”.”



Alejandro Miguez (Colombia)

Studies: Marketing and Logistics at La Universidad de la Sabana

“When I  first started this internship in WYA, I knew that the first step was understanding our audiences so I took my time to analyze the data in our social media. Thereafter I created two main marketing campaigns to tackle different insights that came from the audience analysis.  Besides that, I am handling a community management project, different translation materials, a membership goal, and the Certified Training Program so there has been a lot to do! 

(From the internship, I learned) the fact that you alone as a human person, have the power to create amazing things and do something for someone else…. because we are taught pretty often that one person cannot make a difference but WYA told me in different ways this is not true.” 


Alexia Tefel (Nicaragua and Spain)

Studies: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in the University of Navarra

“The main focus of the projects I’ve worked on as a HQ intern has been research and writing. I have been given the chance to collaborate on some very meaningful research projects for a Health Care Right Bill in Kenya, researching potential partners for the Manhattan International Film Festival, and working with FEMM on a database management project. Given these circumstances (working remotely), the biggest lesson I have learned is that, even though it will never be equivalent to working in person with your colleagues, it is still possible to create a good working culture and environment from a distance if there is good communication and if everybody on the team is working with the same goals in mind and understands the values of the company/organization. 

My favorite part about being a WYA intern is the team. Everyone at WYA is really welcoming and open to teaching you the ropes of the job, and always let you in on any opportunities there are for you to grow as a workmate and person.”

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