Witnessing the Magic of Skills


Art is said to be something that reflects life. People choose professions—engineer, doctor, officer, to fulfil their daily needs, but doing art or choosing a hobby—singing, dancing, sketching, cooking—is usually out for personal fulfilment. For some, their skill people their skill might mean their whole life to them, for others it might just be a source of joy. But art never usually disappoints.


And we were not disappointed during our Talent Night held at the WYA Asia Pacific office last June 10. It was the last event I organized as an intern, and it served as a culminating event for my internship, along with my co-project heads, Mel and Zan.

The show began with the beautiful voice of Brian Pineda, a former intern of WYAAP, who wooed us with his extraordinary voice. We also witnessed artistic talent in lettering and ink painting, with 12-year old Mikaela Imbong, and university student Lorenzo Narciso. Paolo Apagalang, also inspired us through his heartfelt, and a little funny/light poetry. We even had two volunteers to show us their drawings and sing for us!  To end the night, we interns presented a special folk dance from India called Bhangra.DSCF0669

Anything done with sincere efforts and complete dedication always brings fruitful results. This event did not only showcase the talent of individuals, but also shared the happiness along with it. Thanks to this magical evening, all of us felt a little more elated, enlightened and happier. It was indeed a good way to end the week, and an even better end to my internship experience.

By Ahsaas Verma, a student from India, and former intern at the WYA Asia Pacific office.

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