WYAAP Mask Making Booth at Kythe Ateneo Circle of Life Event, Nov. 30


Dear WYA Asia Pacific Members and Friends!

Ateneo Kythe is spearheading a project called, CIRCLE OF LIFE: Form the Chain to Ease the Pain. 50 kids stricken with cancer, aged 10-20, will be participating. Different organizations will work hand in hand to share an afternoon of laughter and life with them through varied activities and presentations.

WYA Asia Pacific is part of the event too, of course! To further celebrate their childhood, we will be setting up a mask-making booth where the kids can pick out materials to personalize their masks which they will make with a WYA Asia Pacific volunteer. It will be a great opportunity to share our stories, talents, and time with these kids. There are 2 ways to give of yourself to this event:

(1) Sign up to be a member of the Circle of Life (COL) Project Team!
We are in need of 20-30 volunteers to help with manning the booth. You’d be assigned to give out materials, promote WYA, and create masks with the kids. You can sign up through the WYAAP office, via email, or text the project directors!

(2) Contribute art materials!
We’d really appreciate your support in cash or kind. P 100 can go a long way in funding the basic materials needed.
Excess funds will go straight to WYAAP for other projects. Your odds and ends, bits and pieces of art materials (e.g. beads, crepe paper, paint tubes, googly eyes, etc) can also help make the kids’ masks more interesting. We will gladly receive your contributions during the GA’s or through the WYAAP office.

Check your sched!

1st COL Project Team GA: Briefing and Mask-Making
(Everyone who wants to help make masks are welcome to come, too!)

November 14, 2008 (Friday), 7-9pm
WYAAP office, Unit 203 Torres Building 321 Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights QC

COL Event Day!
(Everyone’s invited!)

November 30, 2008 (Sunday), 7am -2pm
QC Circle

Thank you so much and we’re looking forward to being with all of you!


Stephanie Manhit

Stephen Cordial


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