WYALA HQ rocks!!!!


After spending a couple of days enjoying my vacation in Puerto Vallarta I have decided to share a little about my experience in the WYALA headquarters.
Exactly one week after graduating I moved to Mexico City… I arrived with a huge suitcase and an ambiguous idea of what to expect from the World Youth Alliance. (Later on I learned that every expectation would have been undersized for the great experience I had.) My first impression when Lourdes opened the door was… Wow she´s so young!! Jajaja.
As the weeks went by I got a better idea of how things work in this office..and since we only had about three channels on TV, Lourdes and I got to know each other very well.. we even started some very interesting Dignity projects, as our Pilates sessions or teaching each other Italian/German (sadly they didn´t last very long jaja).

Eventually Maria José arrived and added a touch of craziness to the house. We had a great experience organizing the Summer Program, which I must say, was very successful (you can read the comments in previous posts). Later on Marystella finally made her appearance and we got in an incredible Dignity Project rush… we started listening to new music, trying out new drinks, going to museums, cooking and even conducting experiments on Pia´s look…
Finally, the Canadians girls arrived for the AIDS Conference. Those were some crazy days… we all had different schedules and we worked at funny hours, but I think that everyone had a great experience. (PS. I got a free hair cut at the Conference!! Jaja)

After spending two months in Mexico City I learned a lot, I felt sad having to leave and I can honestly say that I made some great friends whom I will miss a lot, but hope to see soon…
I want to thank you all because this was one the best summers ever… WYALA headquarter rocks!!!

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