Yes to Peaceful Elections, Yes to Human Dignity

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As Kenya participates in regional and world championships it is known for its dominance in winning the races and the support of the citizens who are one and they cheer them on. When our country was struck by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab at the Westgate mall on the 21st September 2013 as a country we were one nation, one tribe. Rescue operations were conducted and all religions, ethnic lines, and tribes were saved before it was bombed. When an expectant lady arrives at the emergency maternity wing of a hospital ready to give birth, they are not denied services just because of their surnames…they are all treated equal and with tender love and care at equal measure. On the 8th of August 2017, we went to conduct our civic duty (vote) which is entrenched in our constitution under chapter seven (Representation of the People). We turned up in large numbers from every county in the republic. Kudos Kenyans.

As the Kenyan youths, we need to say yes to peace, yes to living in harmony, yes to the law. The future is ours and we have full control of it and no one can take it away from us! We the beloved people of our beautiful country need to take a stand once and for all. We need to take notes of what happened in the dark year of 2007 in which the aftermath was the post-election violence.

I and the World Youth Alliance believe in true peace. When the country is at peace the human; life, culture, and dignity is protected. The country will continue to enjoy tremendous success in its endeavor’s since it has observed and upheld the basic principles of a sustainable development. We need to say yes to protecting the human life, yes to protecting our rich Kenyan culture, yes to protecting the human dignity. We all need to stand up for each other and hold each other’s hand and stay strong!

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Let’s all respect the dignity and human rights of all the people in our country. We need to acknowledge and respect that we are from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, political, economic and social backgrounds. We need to contemplate on the way of living and how the different tribes react and behave so as to avoid being quick to anger and emotions. Let’s say yes to peaceful dialogue.

Every human being has the human dignity from the point of conception until natural death. This is one of the free and most valuable rights everyone has and is entitled to. No one, No tribe, No politician, No businessman has authority in deciding if their lives matter regardless of any disagreements or conflicts of interest(s). In this given point in time that we have already voted we as the youths need to understand that, when we abide by all human rights and laws it will bring about proper morals. Proper morals will bring about acceptable etiquettes which will help foster good relations amongst one another which will bring fourth friendship between communities which means peace will forever be in our hearts and minds till eternity.

Human beings are the most important resource on the whole entire earth and they are the heartbeat of sustainable development.  We all need one another, we all share commodities and facilities amongst other things together. That is what we need to do in each and every place we interact (one nation, one people) yes to harmony! Kenya is ours and we are the lawful cohabitants in it regardless of how big or small the community he or she comes from, we are the ones who can bring about positive change through our creativity and innovativeness let no one tell us otherwise! Let’s say yes to unity.

Our country has tremendously progressed forward thanks to the government and the opposition. In order for the Kenyan flag to keep flying higher, we must say yes to loving one another and embracing one another, let’s say yes to understanding one another, and say yes to peace talks and dialogues between one another for a sustainable economy and a country. As the youths let’s focus all our energy in a positive direction and use our skills, knowledge, wisdom, heritage and creativity to think of the next big idea to improve the quality of life of all of the citizens and improve the country’s G.D.P and G.N.P, not thinking of the next big idea to overthrow the leadership that shall have taken over.

Your vote was your future. We as the youths determined the path to our destiny by voting in our leaders of choice who we saw were capable of taking us forward to a better Kenya. Let’s say yes to peace, yes to the elected leaders and yes for a better tomorrow. We need unity for a better tomorrow in the homeland of Kenya, may justice be our shield and defender and may peace be found within our borders.

May the sovereign state live long!

Written by Victor Brian K, a WYA Member and WYA Africa ELC Alumnus from Kenya. 

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