Alexander G. Murillo

I heard first about World Youth Alliance when Ate Ren and I met at the 8th National Youth Parliament last November 2010 at Butuan City. From then, I become curious about it that after the 8th NYP is visited their website for more informations and likewise sending text messages to Ate Ren.
I think it was March of this year when Ate Ren informed be about the WYA Summer Camp Training. From then, I used to send Ate Ren text messages and emails about the event frequently. Everytime she’s online on facebook, I would always talked to her about about the summer camp.
When she texted me that the application form is now ready, I become so excited that I went out of my class and went to the school director’s office and downloaded the application form.
I was so happy when I received an email informing me that I was qualified to join the camp. But one problem that I encountered was my financial capacity to join the training. But I didn’t lose hope, thanks to all the people who supported me financially especially Tita Mel of Canada, Ate Ren, Manong Romero and the local government of Sagay City.
I went to Manila one day ahead of the schedule and I stayed at the WYA house and met the interns there. The first persons I met during the first day, that was before we go to Binmaley, Panagasinan were Miko and Celene with her mom when we had breakfast at Mcdonald’s in front of Ateneo.
It was a long way to Pangasinan but I felt so energized talking with Hai, Miko, Celene, Ate Ren and Ate Des at the Van. When we arrived at Binmaley, I started to mingle with the other participants who ride on the other van.
It was really a great experience knowing persons with great minds and beautiful souls. Miko, who is an incoming president of their student government in Westbridge Iloilo; Darren who is very witty, energetic, and a leader in heart and soul; Art who was then a student of philosophy at the University of the Philippines, whose insights I really admire; Kuya Jan, a cool guy who I think is down to earth that works with Peace Tech; Jai, a very witty student of International Studies at Ateneo de Davao; Celeen, a high school student of Assumption Iloilo, who at her young age has a lot of experiences and possess this innate intelligence; Lovely, a look alike of Jai whose insights I admired also; Lui, a sweet pol sci student of Assumption whom I like to listen to when she speaks.
I couldn’t imagine myself being with these beautiful creations discussing and sharing an intellectual atmosphere. Our rendezvous was “the thinking hut” of the “school of thought”.
Fun filled and intellectual activities that we had had really mad a strong impact to my perspectives and brought me with so many realizations. I will not mention it here since I made a lot of it in my answers at the questions to each chapter of the Track A.
I will really cherish and treasure all the memories that I had with the five day WYA Summer Camp Training! To the people I met, Hasta la vista!

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