Media Coverage of the March for Life: Accurate Representation or Gross Falsification


____Choose_Life_____by_Aka_xOn the 25th of January 2013, approximately 650,000 people stormed the US Capitol in favour of life. These 650,000 people believe that from the moment of conception in a mother’s womb, life is present. The life of a human child, the epitome of innocence and potential, is beginning.

In the flurrying fall of snow and the heaving of the crowds who marched up Constitution Avenue on a day that froze the blood of the crusaders and hopefully froze the minds of the ignorant and apathetic, I witnessed more than half a million rational human beings make a stand for those who were never given the chance. These are people from all different walks of life and all different cultures and religions, many of whom have traveled massive distances to make themselves heard; people who know that difficult circumstances, whether it be rape or poverty or health, or even mere inconvenience, neither necessitate nor justify the killing of an innocent child.

No one would disagree that the media coverage of this event and indeed many similar events never receive adequate or deserved exposure, and that those articles that do report it, unashamedly undermine and distort the figures and truth. It is  because of the unabashed and overt disregard for the March for Life that pro-lifers should take action. We should see this awe-inspiring experience as the first rung of the ladder that takes us to the pinnacle of this fire of the culture of death so that we may gradually ascend and extinguish it with the waters of truth and enlightenment.

Whether it is the New York Times, the Washington Post or NBC, nowhere will you find a mainstream media publication that highlights this annual event, and nowhere will you find a report that accurately details the facts and figures. An example of which is, Ashley Parker of the New York Times, who writes:

“Three days after the 40th anniversary of the decision in Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, tens of thousands of abortion opponents from around the country came to the National Mall on Friday for the annual March for Life rally, which culminated in a demonstration in front of the Supreme Court building.”

Although the fundamentals of this statement are true, it is the subtle usage of “opponents” and “demonstration” that portrays a negative undertone to the March, not to mention the blatant “tens of thousands” phrase that is a barefaced, deliberate undermining of the true overwhelming number of people who came to defend life. The mainstream Media is anti-life and most obviously so.

Despite the lack of exposure that the March for Life receives, now is the time to take the hand of hope and tread steadfastly into an unknown future that, although threatening the dignity of mankind, also has the potential to recognize and revere that innate dignity. With the use of science, unimpeachable moral standards, and respect, humanity can save itself from inevitable self-implosion.

By Anthony Readings, WYA HQ Intern from the UK

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